5 Things Every Virtual Assistant Needs to do Before Opening

So you want to start a Virtual Assistant Business? Not sure where to go, what do to, ANYTHING is better than nothing... right?

Nope! There is SO much to do when you are starting a business but honestly? A lot of it isn't valuable time! It is about creating the right actions so that you can get that first client ASAP! 

Pick Your Name - Everything is in a name, right? Well, the same is here! It can be as simple as using your own name (ahem, like I did) or picking out something fun that stands for what you believe in. Do you love working with moms, women, yoga professionals? You can incorporate anything into your name so you stand out amongst the crowd!

Decide your Services - This can be a head scratcher for some but it really breaks down into two things. 1. What are you GOOD at? Think of what you have gotten compliments on throughout your life. Are you great at customer service? Are you creative? Do you know your way around web design? If you have a skill set that makes you tilt your head to the side and say, “Yea, I got this!” - put it in the SKILL category. 2. What do you love? This is SO important and something I see skipped with new Virtual Assistants all the time. You can be AMAZING at customer service but literally hate being on the phone. Do not offer this service! Chances are you creating your business to build something that will make you happy - start here!

Get a testimony (or 3)! I know you are super excited to get your first client (I remember feeling anxious and giddy right before I opened my virtual doors). Chances are when you talk to a potential client they are going to want to know about your past work experience and speak/email to someone that has worked with you in the past. This is awesome - they like you! Think of that as “getting past the first date” for a VA position! Pick 2-3 people who you have worked with that you can ask for a testimonial. It does not need to be long (3 sentences is plenty) and just ask that they speak to your skill set.

Now, some of you might be thinking: Amy.. this is my first gig! I don’t HAVE experience!” Don’t worry, I know! Reach out to family and friends for a character reference. Ask for a few sentences about your dependability, service, time management, etc.

Let each of your contacts know you may refer potential clients to them in the future and you are set!

Make Your Contract - Wait, did I just hear you audibly groan? It’s okay, I feel the same way about the legal stuff at times. But the fact is you need to protect yourself! Having a written contract that is signed before ANY work is done is so important. This will set the standard for what type of business relationship you will have. What hours will you work? When is payment due? What services are you agreeing to complete? All of these things + more should be written out in advance!

Get Social - It is here! If you have done the four steps above you are ready to get social and start spreading the word about your VA business. You may have noticed I did not include anything about setting up a website, making a Facebook Business Page, or all the time you should spend creating content to share about your business.

Yup. That was on purpose.

You see - all of that is IMPORTANT. It is also some of the most FUN stuff you can do to set up your business. SO many times we focus on the FUN stuff before having the NEED to-dos. Here is the thing. Once you have the foundation, you can work on a Facebook page, website, etc. as MUCH as you want while you seek clients. But, if you have someone interested and have not done the first four items? Well, that first call is not going to go well!

So now, get social! Make your Facebook Page (but don't spend a lot of time on it) and figure out your website plan. Most importantly: find out where your ideal client is spending their time. Go there. Share. Talk. Let people know who you are and what you do… just don’t spam!

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