Programs & Virtual Assistant Resources

by | Jul 5, 2017 |

Are you interested in starting your own Virtual Assistant Business and just feel like you want someone to talk to?

Trust me, I have been there. 

I WAS you. 

I felt like I “got” what I was supposed to do… but wished I just had someone I could chat with and pick their brain. 

You know, someone that I knew would guide me in the right direction. Tell me if what I am spending my time one is WORTH it… or if I am wasting my time. 

Ugh. SO much time I would have saved! 

So, here I am offering it to you! 

Sometimes, You Just Need to Talk

A full hour of video chat where you get to lay it all on me. Ask any questions – nothing is off the table! We can dive deep into anything that is on your mind and I am happy to spill the beans and help take your business to the next level! 

Not sure what to ask? No worries, I can walk you through some “need to know” information based on where you are in your business. 

I will provide a quick and easy to fill out a survey for you upon payment. Fill it out, schedule the call and we are set to take YOUR business to the next level! 

Even more – you get 30 days of email support after the call! Come across random problems with clients or quirky business problems? 


Together, We Can Do More

You know, there are times where you know that alone just ISN’T going to cut it. In the online space that can feel a bit shameful at times. Girl – do NOT feel ashamed. I welcome the friendship and am glad you are here! 

Because trust, by the end of our three months – we will be friends! Hope you like stupid jokes, sarcasm, and ridiculous amounts of success! 

What do you get here? Well, everything in “Sometimes, You Just Need to Talk” + a little more! 

  • Bi-Weekly Chats – Like I said, we will get to know each other! 😉 
  • Exclusive Access to my marketing methods for outreach to gain new clients
  • Got a client list? We will brainstorm how to WOW them weekly so referrals keep on coming + work to make sure you are hitting deadlines and developing your technical skills 
  • Monthly Training (45 minutes) via video call where I walk you through basic skills for graphics, email automation, and need to know funnel fun! 


Brand New Virtual Assistant Swipe Files

Oh, those first few weeks. 

Talk about a struggle bus trying figure out what to say, how to say, when to say it. 

If only there was an *exact* script you could use to get over that hurdle. You know the one:

You are ready to open your virtual business doors but you just don’t want to make a fool of yourself (been there!) You want to be honest with your clients – telling them you are starting out, but also want them to trust your experience. 

I give you: my exact files that fully booked me out within 3 months of opening my doors and out of the corporate world. Enjoy. A combination of screenshots, swipe files, images and more. Take what works for you and make it work for YOUR language. 

  • Screenshot of a kickass Upwork profile (though you won’t need it – you will be booking at YOUR rate!) 
  • Screenshot of Facebook posts that engage and are not salesy! 
  • Swipe file of Facebook pitches that convert to Discovery calls
  • Swipe file of Discovery Call questions and secret follow up that seals the deal! 
  • Swipe file of Welcome Packet for new clients
  • Swipe file of Testimonial outlines that get you answers that will convert


  • Video that explains how to update your FB profile to show your personality + new business venture