Episode 2: How to Set Boundaries in Your Business for Better Results


Boundaries are important in every relationship, so why do we let them slide with clients? One of the main reasons I see service-based businesses suffer is because they’re not establishing health boundaries. Listen in to learn how to set boundaries in your business that will lead to better results for everyone. 


Did you know that properly set boundaries actually show that you value yourself? That’s right. It’s a sign that you have an appropriate amount of self-respect and that you demand that same respect from others. Which is crucial when you own your own business. 


So what boundaries should you set? 


One of the most important has to do with the times that you are working. Establish your work day, whatever it might look like, and then communicate those hours to your clients. The most important part of this equation? Sticking to your own rules!


Next, you need to establish clear lines of communication as well as when your clients can expect responses and updates. You don’t want to give clients fifteen different ways to communicate with you. Pick one or two and then stick to them. 


I want you to fall back in love with your business and be delighted to open up your computer each and every day. Boundaries are one of the best ways to do just that.


In this episode:

[01:35] Why are boundaries important? 

[02:44] The first part of scaling successfully is creating a boundary on what it means to work with you. 

[05:09] Top boundaries you should have and that your clients should know about it. 

[06:34] Determine how you’re going to communicate with your clients. Pick one or two places tops. 

[10:00] You can hold true to your boundaries and still provide an amazing client experience. 

[10:37] Before you set any boundaries you need to do these things. 

[13:34] I want to know if these boundary tips work for you. Let me know!


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