Episode 3: Why Your To-do List is Keeping You From Success


I am a recovering to-do list addict. I admit it here and now. In many ways I love nothing more than checking stuff off of the list each and every day, but what I found is that my to-dos had nothing to do with moving my business forward. Which is why I’m sharing why your to-do list is keeping you from business success.


You may be wondering, Amy, if you love a to-do list as much as I do, why are you saying I should ditch mine? 


Because your to-do list only takes into account day to day activities. It doesn’t allow you to create space for business growth. Think about it, how often do your business building tasks get shoved to the end of the list? 


Instead of creating to-do lists, I recommend building out buckets. This is very much like time blocking, but it gives you the space to allocate time for all aspects of your business and your life. It also lets you better use your time in the day so that you can take advantage of your high energy times. 


Listen in to hear all of my tips and tricks for creating a better system that allows you to successfully scale your business.


In this episode:

[01:25] Why is your to-do list keeping you from success? 

[02:19] Learn the problems your to-do list presents for successfully scaling your business. 

[04:28] If your to-do list keeps you focused on tasks in your business, then try this instead. 

[06:04] Bucketing leaves you space to incorporate the fluff stuff in your day to day. Learn more.

[07:35] Look at your business holistically and dive into the strategy around each of your projects.

[08:53] The three most important pieces to every project are priority, project, and timing. 

[09:49] What to do with the things that just pop up in your day. 


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