Episode 4: Coaching Session with Meagan Beltekoglu


When you find yourself stuck in your business, talking things over with a coach is one of the best ways to find clarity. Which is why I’m offering on-air coaching sessions to help business owners talk through some of their blocks and hopefully help listeners as well. 


In this very first coaching session, I’m chatting with Meagan Beltekoglu all about her current offers and how to shift them into a high ticket offer. We also idg into ways she can market this offer and get it in front of her ideal clients. 


Meagan is a Vetted Clickup Consultant and Certified Director of Operations and she helps business owners take their systems and processes from post-its to streamlined. Her biggest issue to date has been finding ways to create and sell a high ticket offer out of all of her lower end offers. 


We break down her current offers and how she can bring them together to build out a complete systems overhaul for established business owners. We then chat about ways to market this new offer and why referral partnerships should be a main focus. 


Then we dig into ways she can get this offer out there now rather than continuing to focus on mapping out a process that she already knows she can do. If you’ve found yourself stuck in the mapping phase, then you’ll want to listen to the very end of this conversation. 


What areas of your business do you need help in? 


In this episode:

[02:45] Welcome back and get ready for our first ever coaching session. 

[03:46] Listen as Meagan shares more about herself, her business, and her background. 

[05:29] Learn what she’d like help with in her business and what she offers right now. 

[07:55] Who does she peg as her ideal client? 

[10:09] Does industry or revenue matter with regard to her ideal client? 

[12:50] What does her project timeline look like for her various offers? 

[17:11] Why she needs to break down her big offer into stages. 

[21:10] Learn about creating referral partners. 

[26:22] How she could use case studies and her networking group to sell this offer.

[30:24] Some homework for Meagan to work on.

[36:03] What is Meagan’s favorite feature of Clickup?

[37:58] Why she loves Sprints.

[39:15] Her next steps.

[41:01] Connect with Meagan.


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