Episode 5: The Power of Building a Client Experience That WoooooooooWs


Your client experience as a service provider is pretty much everything. Why? Because when you surprise and delight your current clients, they refer you to people that they know. Rather than spending money on paid advertising, invest in your client experience and you’ll see a world of difference.


But how do you create an amazing client experience? Honestly, there are so many ways to do this, but one of the best is to set yourself up to over deliver. Not in a way that pushes against your boundaries or that makes you feel resentful. Instead, set clear boundaries and only do more when it feels good and right.


So many times as service providers we feel as if the power in our relationship with our client is solely with them. That’s not necessarily true. When you set clear boundaries and then enforce them, you set yourself up for mental and business success and you also create opportunities to wow. 


Listen in to hear why I’m so passionate about the client experience process, ways you can surprise and delight, and how you can create your very own methodology. Your clients are your key to ongoing work and sales. Make sure that they feel heard and taken care of without trampling all over your own boundaries. 


What will you start doing to wow your clients? 


In this episode:

[00:40] Why there is so much power in building an amazing client experience. 

[03:51] Learn why client experience is so important.

[07:14] Your client experience is one of the first steps toward establishing yourself as an expert. 

[09:00] Why and how can you create your own client experience methodology? 

[13:54] How you can surprise and delight your clients. 

[16:18] I share the importance of closing your loops. 

[18:31] Setting boundaries is not the same as putting up walls that divert the client experience. 

[19:41] Everything is not going to be perfect. Make sure you correct it. 

[20:58] Learn tangible ways you can wow your clients. 

[25:10] Relationship marketing is just connecting with people.

[25:53] The questions you need to ask yourself as you’re building out your methodology. 


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