Episode 6: How to Grow Your Business – even if you hate selling


The number of times I’ve heard from clients and peers that they hate selling is a touch alarming. I personally have always liked the sales aspect of my business but that could be because I came from the sales side of corporate. That being said, there are ways to sell without feeling icky. Listen in to learn how to grow your business, even if you hate selling. 


We all operate from a system of beliefs, morality, and thought that guides our actions. Yours may not be the same as mine, but you do have them. These systems guide your feelings when you seek to sell and they’re what determine what feels good and what does not. 


No matter how you feel about sales in general, if you are reading from a script and viewing every interaction from the angle of sales, you will not feel good about it. Instead approach sales from the point of view of building relationships and you’ll start to see the beauty of sales. 


You need to introduce and educate and stop trying to convince. 


Listen in to learn what this means and how you can apply it to all of your business interactions. Once you do, you’ll find that the sales process feels much more organic and true to the person that you are and the values that you hold. 


Once you’ve listened, swing on over to Instagram and let me know what feels good and bad about the sales process to you.


In this episode:

[01:20] Learn how to grow your business even if you hate selling. Something I really enjoy.

[03:28] The number one thing I hear from clients and peers who are struggling with sales. 

[05:28] You need to introduce and educate your potential clients. Learn the specific parts to this. 

[07:46] Why additional questions are a great sign. 

[08:51] Patience and answering questions is a huge sign of respect for your client. 

[09:22] This is relationship marketing versus selling. 

[12:06] What is something that can be a positive experience for your client that feels easy to you? 

[13:07] A quick personal story that represents my experience with relationship marketing and building my business. 


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