Episode 7: How to Effectively Track Time as a Service-Based Business


There are two different schools of thought when it comes to the topic of time tracking. On one side, there is a group of people that are adamantly for time tracking, otherwise how do you know what your day consists of? On the other is a group who believes that you are running your own business and as such time tracking is unnecessary. 


I fall somewhere in the middle. I don’t think that ongoing time tracking is necessary, but if you’re looking to scale or to lighten the load of your business, understanding your time is imperative. 


There are five areas that are most important when you’re tracking: marketing, client work, admin work, business strategy, and phone calls. When you’re trying to figure out your days and where your time is going, these are the most important for your business. 


If you’re spending 15hours a week on administrative work, then it’s time to offload and automate. 


Time tracking allows you to make decisions from a place of fact. Spend two weeks tracking your activities and you’ll likely be very surprised at where all the time is going. 


Are there any areas in your business that feel heavy right now? Let’s lighten the load.


In this episode:

[01:04] There are two schools of thought regarding time tracking. Hear them both. 

[02:27] How to protect your time as a service-based business. 

[03:31] You are your own client.  

[05:20] Knowing your strengths and where you’re spending your time is integral to scaling. 

[06:53] Learn the five most important areas to track your time in. 

[09:27] Time tracking allows you to make decisions from fact. 

[11:30] Track your time for two weeks and see how you feel about your days. 


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