Episode 8: Service Provider Summer Slump and How to Get Out of It


Did you work really hard to create space for the summer, only to get to the season and feel all sorts of funkified? That my friend is the service provider summer slump and it is completely normal. Listen in to learn how you can get out of it and keep building up your business. 


Let me paint a picture for you. You made it through the school year. You caught up and then *gasp* got ahead on work so that you could enjoy some downtime. You walked into the summer thinking I’m going to #HotBoss this summer!


Then you’re a couple weeks in and you just feel like your business is heavy. You’re struggling to create. You’re struggling to stay on top of tasks. You honestly feel like this business thing is too much. 


Then this is the episode you need! I’m sharing first what the service provider summer slump is and then I’m providing you practical tips you can use to get out of it. 


First things first, you need to find out if the slump is really what you’re experiencing. Listen in and take notes!


In this episode:

[02:16] What the service provider summer slump is. 

[03:40] Why the slump feels so heavy.

[04:38] We’re talking about how to get out of the summer slump. 

[05:19] How to determine if this is actually happening to you right now.

[06:31] Review your goals. 

[08:17] Pick a small action you can take. 

[09:48] Reach out to a trusted peer. 

[11:15] Set a goal that feels good to you.

[14:06] Just don’t stop.


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