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Episode 10: One of the biggest mistakes I see scaling businesses make and how to fix it


The one mistake I see time and time again as service providers shift into the role of the CEO in their business is their willingness to take on tasks that they shouldn’t. You’re moving away from implementation and yet you continue to say yes when you shouldn’t. 


Sound familiar? If so, don’t worry. This was absolutely me too and I’m providing you with four questions you should ask yourself before you say yes to any additional tasks. If you walk through this each time, you’ll be surprised at what you keep on your plate and what you offload. 


Bonus: Each time you offload a new task you open up more time for you to be the visionary in your company. 


What are those four questions? 


  1. Is this task going to become a habit? 
  2. Is this something that you need to create a process for? 
  3. Is this something that you want to learn? 
  4. Is this something that you love?


If you are committed to journaling each day and you want that to be a habit in your business, then you should definitely keep that on your to-do list. 


However, if you are fascinated by new and emerging social media strategies but know you won’t continue to do them, then that’s something you’d create a process for and offload. You might do the task once or twice, but after that you’re training, leading and growing in other ways. 


Perhaps the task is something you want to learn that will help you and your clients achieve success faster. Then it may be something that you open up time for so that you can learn all the things.

Also, don’t give up, 100% the things you love. The number of times I’ve seen CEOs take on creating Canva graphics just because they love doing them is extremely interesting. If there is something you love that you find to be therapeutic, don’t give it up. Just don’t give it pride of place in your day. Instead use that task to lift you up when you’re in a slump.


Transitioning to the role of CEO in your business is likely one of the most difficult things you’ll do as you scale. But if you truly want to grow, then you have to transition. Let me know if these questions help you gain better perspective on your need to continually implement.


In this episode:

[01:27] As we grow and scale we realize there are so many paths we can take, but which is right? 

[02:46] When you’re becoming the CEO you need to let go of implementation. 

[04:11] The four questions every CEO should ask before they take on any tasks.

  1. Is this task going to become a habit? 
  2. Is this something that you need to create a process for? 
  3. Is this something that you want to learn? 
  4. Is this something that you love? 

[05:16] Why you should be the one to create the process for tasks before you hand them off.

[06:23] Are you learning and growing from this task? If so, then you may consider taking it on. 

[08:07] My favorite example of things that CEOs love and simply keep doing because of that. 

[10:52] The questions can be extremely eye opening as you apply them to task management.


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