Episode 12: From Virtual Assistant to Agency Owner: Scaling Your Service-Based Business: A Case Study with Jenn Bays


You cannot serve everyone. It’s impossible for one person to cater to everyone in their niche, no matter how small it is. When service providers realize this, they start to wonder how they can shift their business to serve more people. Listen as Jenn Bays shares how she’s shifted from virtual assistant to agency owner for photographers. 


Jenn started her business like so many of us, after having her first baby and realizing that she wanted to be more available for him. She looked up work from home jobs for moms and found the world of virtual assisting. Within 6 months she left her corporate job and hasn’t looked back. 


She quickly realized that she wanted to increase her ability to earn money without adding to her overall number of hours worked. She wasn’t sure how to do it though. After we had a conversation about potentially shifting to an agency, she finally did it and her business has flourished. 


She’s sharing her story and her advice for service providers who are looking to build their own agencies. Success as an agency owner is not guaranteed. Jenn has approached her agency’s mission, clientele, and hiring in such a way that she is thriving. 


Take notes. Jenn’s advice is brilliant.


In this episode:

[01:49] Jenn started in the virtual assistant space and is now an agency owner. Learn more!

[03:52] What was her motivation to start her business? 

[06:01] How did she find virtual assistance and her first clients? 

[08:44} When did she realize one to one work wasn’t going to fit her goals? 

[09:54] Why photographers? 

[11:04] What is the differentiator between her agency and one to one work? 

[12:13] How has she set up the agency to deliver on her promises? 

[15:39] Ways that she has approached hiring while building her agency. 

[17:03] Jenn shares the moment that she realized she wanted to be an agency owner. 

[18:47] What was her most important hire as an agency owner? 

[21:32] Her advice for service providers who are looking to scale into agency ownership. 

[24:12] Connect with Jenn. 


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