Episode 13: Building Positive Peer Relationships with Marylin de la Hoz


This conversation was 100% fire! Marylin and I have known each other for many years now and we’ve worked together and around each other for much of that time. We are biz besties, life besties, and cheerleaders for each other and we both believe in the power of positive peer relationships. Listen in to learn more.


Marylin and I met at an in-person conference. She was still breastfeeding her youngest and we were in the middle of a session. I knew that she was going to be my people when she used iced pop cans to relieve the pressure of a missing baby. 


Since then we’ve helped boost each other’s businesses by referring clients, working in each other’s businesses and keeping each other accountable and on track. This is one relationship that has changed the trajectory of my business several times. 


Listen as we chat about our history and why relationships in business are so important. We’ve both built several businesses based on relationship marketing alone so there is definitely tons to learn.  


In this episode:

[02:00] Learn more about Marylin and her work in the coaching space. 

[04:33] Marylin shares the special moment that she and I met and how we knew we were each other’s people.

[06:27] Ways we’ve helped each other through the years in building our businesses. 

[09:27] How does she create space for relationship building and work? 

[12:20] Authenticity is one of my key words for life. Learn more.  

[14:28] What are her thoughts on how to handle relationships that no longer feel authentic? 

[18:09] Another thing that may feel awkward but is important is finding gratitude in the relationship.

[20:04] How can we prioritize relationship building while also bringing in money? 

[22:48] If you’re truly enjoying talking to people, they will feel that interest.

[24:41] Don’t judge yourself when you’re building relationships. 

[26:08] Connect with Marylin.


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