Episode 14: From Tech Virtual Assistant to VIP Days: Scaling Your Service-Based Business: A Case Study with Kayla Wells


The entrepreneur’s journey is filled with twists and turns all designed to help you find your truest self and your best business fit. That’s the long way of saying we do a bunch of stuff until something sticks! Listen as Kayla Wells shares her crazy curvy journey from virtual assistant to VIP days. 


Kayla started her business after having twins and realizing that the corporate commute wasn’t her jam. After Googling ways to make money from home… legitimately… She found the world of virtual assistance. 


Fast-forward to today and she has niched down into podcast management and editing and is shifting her services to offer a VIP Launch Experience. 


Listen as she shares her story and why she decided a VIP day model fit her business and life more completely. She’s also sharing her tips and strategies for implementing a VIP day in your business and what to consider as you transition.


In this episode:

[01:26] I am so excited to have Kayla on my show today!

[02:09] Who she is and what she does.

[03:30] She discusses how she is making money launching podcasts.

[06:38] Listen as Kayla talks about why she switched to VIP days along with her retainer model.

[08:47] How to determine who should be a VIP client versus a retainer client.

[14:22] One thing she wishes she knew when she started her VIP days.

[17:35] Kayla goes into whatever project management tool the client is comfortable with.

[20:55] Learn the goal she had when she launched her VIP experience option.

[23:16] The differences between her VIP clients versus her retainer clients.

[26:35] Kayla shares why she does sales calls and what she learns from them.

[28:16] Listen as she gives some advice for someone who wants to move their retainer model to a VIP day model.

[33:22] Thank you for being on the show!


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