Episode 15: 3 Tips for Maximizing Your Next Live Event as a Service Provider, without burning out


Live events are coming back. Are you ready?

Without going into all the politics and procedures regarding live events, I wanted to provide some insights on how to make the most out of them. I actually just got back (as of the time of this recording) from a live event and it brought back memories from the early days of building my business.

Many of my ongoing business connections and initial client wins happened at live events. This wasn’t by accident. As an introvert, I made sure to go into each live event with goals in mind to help move my business forward.

Because why go through the hassle and exhaustion of meeting face to face if you walk away feeling like it was a waste?

So, as you plan your next live event, keep these three things in mind:

  1. Know what your goal is in attending.
  2. Focus on your communication.
  3. Be willing to lead conversations to the next step.

Listen in to hear all of my tips, tricks, and thoughts on maximizing your next live event as a service provider and then hit me up in the DMs, are you excited about going live again?


In this episode:

[00:25] Live events should work for you in building your business.

[03:43] Events can be super fun and exhausting, but they are what you put into them.

[05:05] Know what your goal is while attending the event.

[06:10] Examples of what NOT to do.

[06:50] Focus on your communication.

[09:10] If you have the opportunity to meet someone in particular, do you know what you’ll say to them?

[13:08] You should be the person holding the next step and letting them know what’s next.

[14:30] The connections we make on the peer level come back to us ten fold.


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