Episode 16: Are Your Systems Slowing Down Your Service Business Growth? Live Coaching with Wynter Noel Chatman


When you’re just starting out, it’s tempting to try and know and understand EVERYTHING. Every system, new-fangled software, and certainly every process that a business could, should, or does use. But all those systems will slow down your service business growth. 


Wynter Noel Chatman and I know each other through a mutual client and she’s been struggling with dialing in her tech stack. We sat down to go through what she’s using, why she’s using it, and what steps she can take to reel things in and start making forward momentum in her business. 


You see Wynter knows what she’s doing, but in many ways she’s been stuck in the “shoulds.”


First things first, we tackle her project management systems. At first glance it appears that she’s using three different project management systems, but instead she has one because she thinks she should, one because of all the fun and free boards, and one that she actually uses. 


Coaching moment: if the tech doesn’t actually fit your brain, then it’s not for you!


Listen in as we dig deeper into her learning time as well as the other systems she’s using. Impostor syndrome comes in all shapes and sizes, but know that you don’t need a degree in business to be successful in business. 


Experience is the key! Keep working in your business. Keep tweaking and testing. Soon enough you’ll have way more knowledge about business than the person down the street with the MBA!


In this episode:

[01:20] Welcome Wynter to the show!

[02:50] Why did she start WynterStar Virtual Solutions? 

[07:27] Where does she need help in her business? 

[10:48] Are we working on her systems or systems for clients? 

[11:12] What is she using her project management systems for? 

[13:14] Which tool does she use when she starts her day? 

[17:17] How would it feel to release the systems she doesn’t need? 

[19:41] As soon as you can give yourself permission to bless and release you’ll feel better.

[22:18] Track your learning time for a week and then cut it in half. Learn why!

[26:31] How she processes her impostor syndrome around having formal business learning. 

[30:18] A quick rundown of her tech stack. 

[32:56] Why she should create a resources area in her Asana. 

[35:22] Wynter’s next steps. 

[36:33] Connect with Wynter.


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