Episode 17: 4Q Clean Up: How to Audit Your Own Business and Set Yourself Up for Success for 2022

Believe it or not, 2021 is about to come to an end. ​​Did you know that the fourth quarter is the best time to analyze what’s happening in your biz? We’ll talk about what it looks like to do a 4Q audit on your business and how you can possibly save time and money by streamlining. 


We break things down into four simple questions you need to ask to audit your business. This is about looking back and doing a self-check to see what is working…and what’s not. You can even turn this into a wild Friday night activity with your beverage of choice.


Start off by asking what exactly are you paying for? It’s good to know that what you’re paying for will actually be helpful in the future. If you’re not using something now, you probably won’t be in the future. Just-in-time learning and just-in-time using are important concepts. Remember that just because you got the lifetime deal on the amazing new software, doesn’t mean you need to continue with it. 


Next, ask if your team actually needs the items you’re paying for. Make sure that this software is something that is making things easier for them. Is the team using a system or program that is simply bringing enjoyment? There is value in this, but you need to identify the reason for keeping it.


Now we have to make sure you know what you are actually offering. What are you doing to stand out from the crowd and get the client? Things change over time as you adjust your offers, so pausing to ask this question is important. If you have an offer that’s not selling, it is okay to let it go. You need an offer that is going to thrive and be fun. Amy is all about making money and having fun while doing it!


Then you need to identify who is on your team, and who is in your circle? Are you using the services you’re paying for? Take a look at the next 90 days and determine where you can shift. How can you make the change, and what will it mean? 


The last thing you need to determine is what you are marketing. Growing is sales and marketing together. If you’re putting something out there that is not related to your current offer, you have some work to do. What is your platform? If you aren’t sure what it is, you don’t have one. Pick one and choose to connect with people there. 


I encourage you to take an hour or two this week, go through these items and jot down some notes. DM me on Instagram with any questions or exciting revelations you have. I can’t wait to hear from you! 


In this episode:

[03:01] What exactly are you paying for?

[04:21] Will I be using this in the next 30-60 days?

[05:24] Does your team need the items you’re paying for?

[05:49] We look at Zapier as an example. 

[06:36] Are you paying for something that causes you enjoyment?

[07:16] What are you offering?

[08:12] Amy gives permission for you to let go of an offer that isn’t selling.

[09:23] Who is on your team, and who is in your circle?

[12:43] When you look at the next 90 days, where do you want to shift?

[14:26] What are you marketing?

[16:54] What is your platform? 


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