Episode 19: A Tale of Two Hires: Are You a Busy Betty or Scaling Sarah?

Who’s ready for a little story!? Today’s episode is a little different. We’re taking a look at two different service based business owner personality types and determining exactly what kind of person they need to hire. If you’re wondering what your next steps are and how you can get the most growth for your business, I’ve got you covered.


A Busy Betty does tasks all day long and cannot keep up. Things feel like they should be easier and she always feels overwhelmed. 


A Scaling Sarah works on her projects and knows what she needs to get done and when. She puts off the conversations about the specific things that need to get done and focuses on her own specialties.


These two types of people both need help, but they should not be hiring the same type of person.


Tune in for insight on which type of person you are, what kind of person would be most helpful for you to bring on, and the best way to do it. (Hint: Communication is key!) After you listen, join me in the Frazzled to Focused Facebook group at the link below to share your hiring plan and learn more.


In this episode:

[03:00] Amy describes Busy Betty.

[04:17] Amy describes Scaling Sarah.

[05:50] What type of hire is right for BB?

[06:33] What type of hire is right for SS?

[08:24] It’s important to know what your end-goal is. 

[09:14] What do you have to do to be successful? 

[10:57] Clear communication is essential. 


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