Episode 20: Why Your Onboarding Process is the Most Important System in Your Business and How to Uplevel From Start to Finish

Do you have an onboarding process that you absolutely love? You know–you want to tell anyone and everyone that your process is amazing and creates the experience you want your clients to have? If not, this episode is for you.


I’m diving in and discussing allllllll of the nitty-gritty details involved with creating and managing your onboarding process for your clients and why it’s the most important system in your business that you can (and should) continuously audit.


Once you exchange money with someone, you want to make sure you’re wowing them. The onboarding process is your chance to get started with this. If you razzle dazzle someone in the beginning and then you don’t explain anything and leave them wondering what is happening next, it can leave your new client feeling like they’ve had a bait and switch experience. Not good. We want our clients to feel like they’ve made the right decision, right from the start. 


I’m sharing my top tips to impress your clients with your onboarding process: from what kind of information to include in your welcome e-mail to the specific systems I use to automate the process and keep things moving in the right direction. 


Take a listen, then plan to spend some time this week auditing your own onboarding process. It may just be the game changer you need to leave your clients saying, “Wow!”


In this episode:

[01:52] We’re never done auditing.

[02:27] Your onboarding is where the real work starts.

[05:27] Onboarding is a step-by-step process.

[06:21] We can’t always depend on tech.

[06:52] What can you do to make your onboarding system something that wows?

[07:15] I talk about the systems I use for onboarding.

[08:08] What do you include in the process?

[10:30] You always want to explain what will happen next. 

[16:20] I like to send out small gifts through Amazon.

[17:56] What can you do to uplevel your onboarding process?


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