Episode 21: Re-Release of Episode 1: 5 Ways to Tell Your Business is Frazzled (and How to Fix it NOW)

Are you running a frazzled business? Maybe you’re not sure what that means, but you do feel like something is off these days. In this replay of Episode 1, I’m sharing with you five ways to tell if your business is frazzled and what you can do to start making changes today. 


We know that things are about to get busy as the holiday season approaches. NOW is the perfect time to determine what factors in your business are making you feel frazzled so that you can recenter before the craziness of November and December sets in.


Begin by taking a moment to think back to how you felt this past Sunday. Were you excited to dive into a new work week or did the Sunday sadness come over you? If it’s the latter, that’s a clear indication that something has got to give in your business. You shouldn’t go into the week feeling miserable about the business you have built. If that’s where you’re at, it’s perfectly normal, but don’t stay there!


How do you feel when your clients message you? Do you get excited to hear about the next new project or do you immediately start worrying about what you did wrong or what new thing is being added to your monumental to-do list? I’ll let you guess which one indicates you’re working in a frazzle-based business.


Listen in to hear the other indicators that frazzle has entered your life. If you find yourself nodding along with each one of these, then it’s time to do an assessment to find out where in your business you’re feeling frazzled so that you can start getting back to work that fulfills you. 


Your business is meant to evolve and change with you, your life, and your desires! Don’t be afraid to take a deeper look at what’s causing your stress and start making changes today. 


In this episode:


[02:52] How do you feel on Sundays? 

[05:18] Do you feel stress when someone messages you? 

[07:03] What do you do to get out of a stressful work environment? 

[08:41] Are you in a cycle of avoidance? 

[10:49] Last but not least, are you delivering on your promises? 

[13:34] If you’re nodding along with all of these situations, then it’s time for an assessment. 


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