Episode 23: Jacq Fisch: Service Provider to Membership

Like many service providers, Jacq Fisch began her career successfully climbing the corporate ladder. Despite that success, she experienced multiple layoffs and, realizing that job security is a myth, decided that she needed to build a business of her own.


In this episode, Jacq and I are discussing the evolution of her service-based writing business. 

We discuss how her business developed from solely working with clients 1:1 for writing coaching to offering her “Write Like a MOFO” writing community membership where subscribers meet to focus and get their writing done in a group setting.


Jacq talks about various aspects of her business growth, including how she is able to cap her hours and how her own need to focus on a big writing project led to the creation of a new membership group. Then she offers a key piece of advice for others interested in starting a membership for their own business.


If you are considering starting a membership service in your business, tune in to this episode for inspiration from someone who has been there and done that. I hope her story is the nudge you need to make a move in the direction that will propel your business forward!

In this episode:

[01:49] Jacq introduces herself.

[07:10] Jacq discusses how she started her business.

[08:20] How does Jacq keep her hours capped?

[10:16] Jacq talks about how her business evolved into membership. 

[14:18] Jacq was a writer who wasn’t writing.

[15:34] Jacq creates a co-writing community to help finish her book. 

[16:30] Jacq discusses how she avoids the shiny objects often found in the online space. 

[18:35] How has the membership helped Jacq’s business grow?

[21:58] What advice would jacq give a new service provider considering starting a membership?


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