Episode 26: How to Create a Service Business Without Burnout with Annie Young

When you’re just getting started in your service-based business, things can certainly be overwhelming to say the least. The to-do list seems like it never stops and your schedule can feel completely unmanageable. You started this business to gain freedom in your life, but you feel more burdened than ever. 


If this is your experience so far in your online business journey, today’s episode will resonate with you. If you’re just getting started, you need to listen to get things going in the right direction from the start. 


I am talking with Annie Young, founder and owner of The Consulting Reserve. She is a Project Management Professional (PMP), a certified Director of Operations (DOO), a mom to two sticky-handed boys, a three-time All American, and a continuous world traveler. 


We’re talking about Annie’s corporate background and how she started off at a humongous company and downscaled every time she changed jobs. From there, we talk about the ins and outs of managing your client-base, your time, and Annie’s personal tip for avoiding burnout when starting your own online business. 


Listen to this episode for honest advice on the best way to get a service-based online business started without completely wearing yourself out. We are excited to share our stories with you!

In this episode:

[04:28] Annie shares her background.

[08:31] Annie discusses what made her decide to go into business for herself. 

[11:37] How did Annie determine what kind of clients she wanted to work with?

[13:36] Amy explains how your business growth can be hindered by not being niched.

[17:19] Amy talks about the importance of having a retainer client when you have a new service-based business.

[21:10] What surprised Annie most about starting an online business.

[22:48] Annie’s favorite part of running her own business.

[26:00] You always want to know that your business and your income is protected.

[29:40] Annie’s advice for someone getting started with their online business.


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