Episode 28: How to Fire a Client

As human beings, we want every relationship in life to be beautiful and perfect from start to finish, but we know this is not always how things happen. As service providers, we never want to think that we’ll have to fire a client, but unfortunately, we sometimes do. Most service based business owners do not take the time to learn about parting ways with a client because we hope we never have to do it, but being able to fire a client is a skill in line with closing a sales call. 


If you’re gut-checking yourself and thinking, “Is it time to move on?”…chances are that the answer is, “Yes.” There is a right way to do this and a wrong way. In this episode, I am talking about how to let go of a client gracefully so that you can leave the relationship with mutual respect. 


Listen for my advice on how to communicate with the client, the ideal timeframe to give and what to do with that time, and how to ask for a referral to share with future clients. This is one of those episodes with information that you hope you’ll never need but most likely will. It may seem terrifying to have to let your client go, but if you utilize these tips and keep your business goals and vision in mind, you’ll be just fine. You’ve got this!


In this episode:


[05:06] Determine if you should let the client go. 

[06:30] Do you dread the work?

[08:16] Have you hit a point where you’re upleveling?

[10:32] Always feel confident in managing up. 

[11:30] How will you communicate your intentions with the client?

[12:47] The 30 day timeframe plan.

[16:00] Hot Tip: Ask for a recorded testimonial.

[18:30] Offer to find a replacement if you have the time. 


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