Episode 30: 3 Things Every Service Provider Needs to Look for in a New Client

It can be difficult to find new clients that are a perfect match for you. We are not all meant to work with every single person we encounter, and some people just aren’t a good fit. 


In this episode, I’m sharing my top three red flags that can come up when meeting with potential clients. It’s the kind of information I wish I had when I was navigating my way through the early days of my business. I’m also giving a piece of advice regarding the first 30 days that can get you out of a potential long-haul mess.


Listen and then find me on Instagram @amylockrin and let me know what you think. Which flag have you seen most often when meeting with potential clients? Do you have a hard time determining if someone will be a good fit? I want to hear from you!

In this episode:


[06:02] What is the first thing to identify when you’re choosing whether or not to offer a service/proposal to a new client?

[06:51] What is a growth mindset?

[09:04] Look for someone who will identify and recognize that you are an expert. 

[11:29] Only bring on clients who are experts in what they sell.

[14:20] Ask, “Why do you need me?”

[15:56] I discuss my 30-day new client policy.


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