The Frazzled to Focused Podcast

This is the podcast for service-based business owners looking to move away from overwhelm in your online business and toward the fun and freedom that clear strategy and scaling provide.

If you find yourself wondering where things went wrong with your business [#thisisntfunanymore] while trying to figure out where you want to grow to, then you're in the right place.

Listen in each week as I share quick and tangible strategies to take your business from Frazzled to Focused, coach female entrepreneurs, and dig deep in behind-the-scenes scenarios from multi-six and seven figure businesses. Let’s make scaling fun again!

Frazzled to Focused Coaching Application

Are you frazzled in your service-based business?

The FTF podcast is a mix of strategy, coaching, and all-around awesomeness [I mean, it's me!].

If you are a service provider who is wondering what the next best step is to leave exhaustion and confusion behind, and finally scale your business while having fun, I would love for you to apply for an "On-Air" Coaching session. We will work through how your business is working for you... and how we can change the things that are not.

These sessions are roughly 30 minutes long and typically cover one topic that can help you simplify and scale your business growth strategy.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below and I will be in touch within the next few weeks to schedule our call! Thank you so much for the interest!

recent episodes

ways-to-tell-your-business-is frazzled

Episode 1: 5 Ways to Tell Your Business is Frazzled (and how to fix it NOW)

  Are you running a frazzled business? Maybe you’re not sure what that means, but you do feel like something is off these days. I’m sharing with you five ways to tell if your business is frazzled and what you can do to start making changes today.    Take a moment and think back to […]


Episode 0: The Woman Behind Frazzled to Focused – My Origin Story

  It’s important to me that you know who you’re hearing from and why I’m so passionate about helping service providers build businesses that they love. Listen in to hear more about my background and why I know this podcast will help you go from frazzled to focused.    I started my career working in […]